Submitting Batches to Celestia


Submitting batches to Celestia involves a series of steps that ensure you have the necessary setup and permissions. This tutorial will guide you through the process from installation to generating an auth token. For detailed instructions and assistance, joining the Celestia Discord is highly recommended.

Submit to Celestia

Step 1: Install Celestia

Begin by installing the Celestia node. This step is crucial for participating in the Celestia network and submitting batches.

Step 2: Generate Wallet and Run Light Client

After installing the Celestia node, the next step is to generate a wallet and run the light client. This will allow you to interact with the network.

  • Wallet and Light Client Guide: For information on generating your wallet and running the light client, refer to the Keys and Wallets section of the Celestia documentation.

Step 3: Get Funds from the Faucet

To submit batches, you will need funds in your wallet. Celestia provides a faucet for testnet users to obtain the necessary tokens.

  • Faucet Access: Typically, access to the faucet is provided through Celestia's official channels or documentation. Follow the instructions specific to the Celestia network you're interacting with.

Step 4: Generate Auth Token

An authentication token is required for secure interactions with the network.

  • Auth Token Generation: Detailed steps for generating an auth token can be found in the Auth Token section of the Celestia documentation.

Additional Support

For any questions, troubleshooting, or further assistance, joining the Celestia Discord is recommended. The community and team members are active and ready to help with inquiries related to Celestia node setup, batch submission, and more.

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