OPinit Module: OPhost and OPchild


This document outlines the OPinit module, a comprehensive Rollup solution based on the Cosmos SDK, designed to streamline operations within the Initia ecosystem. The module is bifurcated into two sub-modules: ophost for Layer 1 (L1) operations, and opchild for Layer 2 (L2) functionalities, each addressing specific layers of interaction.

ophost Module: Layer 1 Operations

The ophost module forms the core of L1 activities, offering a suite of functionalities through various message types and RPC handler methods. These include batch submissions, bridge creations, output proposals, challenge management, and user-centric token transfer mechanisms.

Message Types

  • MsgRecordBatch: Facilitates the recording of transaction batches through a dedicated RPC handler method.

  • MsgCreateBridge: Enables the establishment of bridges, defining a specific RPC handler method for its operation.

  • MsgProposeOutput: Allows for the proposal of output data, associated with a distinct RPC handler method.

  • MsgDeleteOutput: Empowers users to delete output proposals, utilizing a tailored RPC handler method.

  • MsgInitiateTokenDeposit: Serves as the interface for L1 to L2 token transfers, enhancing user interaction.

  • MsgFinalizeTokenWithdrawal: Facilitates the finalization of L2 to L1 token transfers, aimed at user engagement.

opchild Module: Layer 2 Operations

The opchild module addresses the nuances of L2 operations, incorporating message types and RPC handler methods designed to support token transfers, validator oversight, parameter modifications, and fee pool administration.

Message Types

  • MsgExecuteMessages: Implements the execution of messages, backed by a specific RPC handler method.

  • MsgFinalizeTokenDeposit: Defines a method for finalizing token deposits, with a dedicated RPC handler.

  • MsgInitiateTokenWithdrawal: Provides a user-friendly interface for L2 to L1 token transfers.


For more information on the OPinit Modules, please refer to this link.

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