Getting Started


Initiating your journey on Initia begins with a crucial decision: selecting the Virtual Machine (VM) that will power your application. Currently, Initia supports MoveVM and WasmVM, with plans to introduce EVM support in the near future. Here's how you can get started based on your choice:

Choosing Your Virtual Machine

VMsInitia (Layer 1)Minitia (Layer 2)




For MoveVM Users

  • Decide Your Layer: With MoveVM, you have the flexibility to build either on Initia (Layer 1) or on a Minitia (Layer 2).

    • On Layer 1: Directly leverage the robust, secure, and scalable foundation of Initia to deploy your application.

    • On Layer 2: Opt for a more specialized environment by selecting an existing Minitia or by creating your own to cater to specific needs or innovations.

For WasmVM and EVM Users

  • Focus on Layer 2: WasmVM and EVM are exclusively available for Layer 2 development. Here, you can:

    • Choose an Existing Layer 2: Integrate with an already established Minitia to benefit from its unique features and community.

    • Build Your Own Layer 2: Tailor-make a Minitia that resonates with your project's goals. Follow our detailed guide on Layer 2 setup to begin.

Next Steps

By choosing your VM and deciding on your Layer, you're setting the stage for an exhilarating development journey on Initia. Each step you take brings you closer to realizing your vision in the expansive and interconnected Initia ecosystem. Dive into our developer resources, tutorials, and community forums to unlock the full potential of your project.

Welcome aboard, and let's build great things together!

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