Creating Move Coin


This tutorial guides you through the process of creating and minting your own coin using the 0x1::managed_coin module on the Initia blockchain. It includes initializing your coin, obtaining metadata, minting coins, and checking the balances.


Step 1: Initialize Your Coin

To initialize your coin, you must call the 0x1::managed_coin::initialize function.

public entry fun initialize(
    account: &signer,
    maximum_supply: Option<u128>,
    name: String,
    symbol: String,
    decimals: u8,
    icon_uri: String,
    project_uri: String,
> initiad tx move execute 0x1 managed_coin initialize \
  --args "option<u128>:null string:my_coin string:MYCOIN u8:6 string: string:" \
  --from [key-name] \
  --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices 0.15uinit \
  --node [rpc-url]:[rpc-port] --chain-id [chain-id]

Step 2: Mint Coin

To mint coins, you will use the 0x1::managed_coin::mint function.

public entry fun mint(
    account: &signer,
    dst_addr: address,
    metadata: Object<Metadata>,
    amount: u64,

Before minting, you need to obtain the metadata for your coin, which can be done through the 0x1::coin::metadata view function or by using sha3_256(creator+symbol+0xFE).

Obtaining Metadata

> initiad query move view 0x1 coin metadata \
    --args "address:[addr] string:MYCOIN" \
    --node [rpc-url]:[rpc-port]

data: '"0x2d81ce0b6708fccc77a537d3d1abac8c9f1f674f4f76390e3e78a89a52d4aacb"'

Minting Coins

> initiad tx move execute 0x1 managed_coin mint \
  --args "address:[addr] object:0x2d81ce0b6708fccc77a537d3d1abac8c9f1f674f4f76390e3e78a89a52d4aacb u64:100000000" \
  --from [key-name] \
  --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices 0.15uinit \
  --node [rpc-url]:[rpc-port] --chain-id [chain-id]

After minting, you can check the balances to verify the minting process. You can refer to this section for checking balances.

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