Converting Between Denom and ERC-20 Addresses


This section introduces a sample smart contract to illustrate the conversion between denom (a denomination identifier used in the Cosmos ecosystem) and ERC-20 token addresses using the Initia platform. This functionality is provided by the ICosmos interface, which is part of Initia's set of precompiled contracts that bridge operations between Cosmos and Ethereum networks.

Sample Contract Implementation

Here is an example contract, ContractA, that includes methods for converting between Cosmos denoms and ERC-20 token addresses. These methods are critical for applications that interact with tokenized assets across both blockchain systems.

import { ICosmos } from "@initia/evm-precompiles/i_cosmos/ICosmos.sol"

contract ContractA {

    // convert an EVM address to a Cosmos address
    function to_denom(address erc20_address) external returns (string memory denom) {
        return ICosmos.COSMOS_CONTRACT.to_denom(erc20_address);

    // convert a Cosmos address to an EVM address
    function to_erc20(string memory denom) external returns (address erc20_address) {
        return ICosmos.COSMOS_CONTRACT.to_erc20(denom);

Key Components

  1. ICosmos Interface: Utilizes COSMOS_CONTRACT to facilitate the conversion between different address formats specific to tokens in the Ethereum and Cosmos networks.

  2. Conversion Functions:

    • to_denom: This function takes an ERC-20 address as input and returns its corresponding Cosmos denom. It's useful for tracking or interacting with ERC-20 tokens within the Cosmos ecosystem.

    • to_erc20: Accepts a Cosmos denom and returns the equivalent ERC-20 address. This enables applications to identify and interact with Cosmos-based assets in Ethereum-related operations.

Usage Scenario

  • These conversion methods are invaluable in scenarios where assets are bridged or transferred between the Cosmos and Ethereum platforms, such as in cross-chain DeFi applications or token exchanges. They ensure that assets are correctly identified and handled in each respective ecosystem.


By incorporating these conversion methods, developers can enhance the functionality of their applications, enabling more fluid asset management and interoperability between Cosmos and Ethereum, two of the major players in the blockchain space. This fosters a more integrated and efficient multi-chain blockchain environment.

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