Initia provides evm module, which is a Cosmos SDK module that integrates the EVM into a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain. This allows the blockchain to execute Ethereum smart contracts and transactions, while utilizing the interoperability of Cosmos ecosystem.

The evm module is designed to connect with EVM, enabling the Cosmos blockchain to understand and execute EVM operations. This means that developers can write smart contracts in Solidity or other EVM-compatible languages and deploy them on a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain.


Key features of the EVM Cosmos module

Ethereum Compatibility

  • The module is fully compatible with the Ethereum protocol, ensuring that Ethereum smart contracts can be executed without modifications.

  • Existing Ethereum applications can be seamlessly ported to the Cosmos blockchain, preserving their functionality and enhancing their scalability.


  • Ethereum smart contracts will be able to interact with Cosmos modules. This interoperability fosters the development of hybrid applications that utilize the strengths of both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.

Unified Token Standard

  • The Cosmos bank module adopts ERC-20 as its coin standard, which facilitates smooth interactions between the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. This unified approach simplifies transactions and asset transfers across different blockchain architectures.

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