Creating Account


Before you can start building and transacting, you'll need to create an account. This tutorial will guide you through the process of account creation using the command-line interface (CLI) and Initia's JavaScript library, initia.js. Let's get started!


Before proceeding, ensure that you have initiad installed on your system. initiad is the command-line tool that interacts with the Initia blockchain. If you haven't installed initiad yet, please refer to the installation guide provided in this page.

Create Account

Create an account either through CLI or initia.js.

> initiad keys add [key-name]

- address: init17exjfvgtpn5ne4pgmuatjg52mvvtj08773tgfx
  name: test-account
  pubkey: '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey","key":"Ap+WnRzOsJGgfgsrgc4APi/EiTzl3t52ruiKGev7X9LW"}'
  type: local

**Important** write this mnemonic phrase in a safe place.
It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password.

angry opera upper ...

The mnemonic key is the only way to recover your account if you forget your password.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You now have an Initia account. Keep your mnemonic safe, as it is critical for account recovery. With your new account, you're ready to explore the possibilities on the Initia blockchain, whether it's sending transactions, deploying contracts, or interacting with the ecosystem. Stay tuned for more tutorials that will guide you through these processes. Happy building on Initia!

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