Omnitia Architecture


The Initia Platform seamlessly integrates Layer 1 and Layer 2 architectures into a unified platform, collectively referred to as Omnitia. At its core, the platform consists of:

  • Initia Orchestration Layer (Layer 1): Referred to simply as "Initia," this is the base blockchain orchestration layer that coordinates network security, consensus, governance, interoperability, liquidity, and inter-chain messaging.

  • Initia Rollups (Layer 2s): Known as "Minitia" or mini Initias, these are Layer 2 solutions built on top of the Initia Base Chain to enhance scalability and transaction throughput. They may operate in EVM, MoveVM, or WasmVM with the CosmosSDK underneath.

  • Initia Optimistic Rollup Framework (OPinit Stack): The OPinit Stack is Initia's OR framework built in the CosmosSDK and used to secure Initia Rollups with fraud proofs and rollbacks.

  • Interoperability/Bridging Middleware: This includes the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol and TBA Bridge Provider, facilitating seamless asset and data transfer across different blockchain networks and between the Layer 1 and Layer 2s within Omnitia.

Omnitia represents the collective ecosystem of these components, designed to offer a comprehensive and interoperable blockchain solution.

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