Minitia (Layer 2)


Minitias are Layer 2 application chains within the Initia ecosystem, characterized as fully functional CosmosSDK blockchains that utilize optimistic rollups for settlement. These chains are distinguished by their rapid block times of 500ms and capacity to handle over 10,000 transactions per second, positioning them as high-performance platforms for a wide array of applications.

Key Characteristics

The OPinit Stack: A Cosmos Optimistic Rollup Framework

The OPinit Stack marks a pioneering step as the first optimistic rollup framework tailored for the Cosmos ecosystem, drawing inspiration from Optimism's Bedrock specification. Its VM-agnostic nature allows Minitias to support various virtual machines, including MoveVM, WasmVM, and EVM. This flexibility ensures that Minitias can cater to a broad spectrum of applications and developer preferences.

Minitia Features and Capabilities

Despite being full-featured CosmosSDK chains, Minitias operate without native consensus mechanisms, relying instead on the Initia Layer 1 for security and data settlement. This structure enables the integration of advanced rollup functionalities and the use of standard CosmosSDK modules like AuthZ and Feegrant, as well as custom modules like the POB from Skip Protocol.

Transactions on Minitias are efficiently sequenced and settled in bulk to the L1 and Celestia, providing a transparent and secure environment for operation and verification.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Application Developers

The Initia Platform addresses the infrastructural challenges commonly faced in modular systems, such as fiat gateways, exchange support, and data management, by offering these services natively from L1. This significantly reduces the overhead for application developers on Minitias, allowing them to concentrate on creating compelling and successful products.

Minitias offer a comprehensive suite of built-in features for developers, including:

  • Instant bridging and access to native USDC and CCTP

  • Token fungibility across different virtual machines

  • Oracle interfaces, fiat gateways, and extensive developer tools

  • Frontend widgets to lower the entry barrier for end-users

Comprehensive Minitia Specifications and Features

Minitias boast impressive technical specifications and a rich feature set to support the launch and operation of applications:

  • High throughput of over 10,000 TPS and 500ms block times

  • IBC for Cosmos interoperability and Omnitia Shared Security

  • Support for Celestia Data Availability, MoveVM, WasmVM, and EVM

  • A variety of native features such as vested interest programs, token kickbacks, and an Omnitia Messaging Module

  • Advanced tooling, including the InitiaSDK, WalletSDK, and 1-Click Deposit Widget

  • Integration with third-party services and oracles to enhance functionality and user experience

Through these features, Minitias offer a versatile and developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications, supported by the robust, interconnected infrastructure of the Initia ecosystem.

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