Executing Cosmos Messages


This section provides an example of how to execute Cosmos messages directly from a smart contract on the Initia platform. Using the ICosmos interface from Initia's precompiled contracts, developers can record and execute Cosmos SDK messages within the EVM. This functionality is crucial for enabling complex interactions between Ethereum smart contracts and Cosmos-based applications.

Sample Contract Implementation

Here is a sample contract, ContractA, demonstrating how to execute Cosmos messages using the ICosmos interface. This example includes a method to send tokens between accounts on the Cosmos blockchain, showcasing the interoperability between EVM and Cosmos SDK.

import { ICosmos } from "@initia/evm-precompiles/i_cosmos/ICosmos.sol";

contract ContractA {

    // Method to record and execute a Cosmos SDK message
    // Example message format for Cosmos bank send:
    // {
    //    "@type": "/cosmos.bank.v1beta1.MsgSend",
    //    "from_address": "init13vhzmdmzsqlxkdzvygue9zjtpzedz7j87c62q4",
    //    "to_address": "init1enjh88u7c9s08fgdu28wj6umz94cetjy0hpcxf",
    //    "amount": [
    //        {
    //            "denom": "stake",
    //            "amount": "100"
    //        }
    //    ]
    // }
    function execute_cosmos(
        string memory msg
    ) external {
    // Record a cosmos message to be executed after the current message execution.

Usage Scenario

  • This functionality is especially useful for dApps that need to perform operations across blockchain environments, such as transferring assets between Ethereum and Cosmos or triggering actions based on contract states in either ecosystem.


By integrating these capabilities into your smart contracts, you enable a high level of interaction between Ethereum and Cosmos, thereby enhancing the utility and reach of your decentralized applications. This approach leverages the strength of both platforms to achieve a more interconnected and functional blockchain ecosystem.

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